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Words of Encouragement

Updated: May 5, 2020

Even though we have to stay apart for now, we're still building together.

Here's an easy way to help support our 50th affordable home project in Cheyenne, without leaving home.

One of the hallmarks of a Habitat building project is the way the community comes together to support our partner families. Usually, this looks like people coming to our fundraisers, shopping at our ReStore, and joining us on the build site. This spring, things are looking a little different. Big gatherings aren't possible, and our future homeowner is finding himself putting in sweat equity hours on his future home, on his own (with our construction team at a safe distance). Jaime isn't complaining, quite the opposite. His gratitude for the opportunity to build a home for his family is apparent, and his energy to build seems boundless.

2020 Partner Family: Dad, Jaime, Kids: Bradley, Cherish, and Jaiden Stephenson

Still, something feels like its missing. It's important that the Stephenson family feel the encouragement from the community that is excited about their journey to the strength, stability, and self-reliance that is inherent of homeownership. A Habitat home is a hand-up, not a hand-out. A part of the process is our partner families seeing and feeling the love and support of the neighbors and community that is investing in their future s So we decided to get innovative, and we need your help. We are going to fill the walls of Stephenson's new home with words of encouragement. It could be a favorite bible passage, an inspiring quote, or just some simple words to let the Stephenson family know they are loved and that the community is proud of the work they have undertaken to be homeowners.

Please, take a moment and share well wishes for the Stephenson Family and our project. Email them to She will be writing your words on the studs of the home. You can share your name if you'd like, or remain anonymous.

Even though we can't be together in the ways we'd like to right now, Jaime and his children will get to see your words and feel your support. We hope this gives him strength and keeps his energy renewed for the months of work ahead.

Send your words of support to the Stephenson Family today.

Here are some of the responses so far. We'll add more as we get messages up.

Even from a distance, we still build together.

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