That car, motorcylce, boat or RV that you no longer need and aren't sure what to do with can help us build affordable housing!


Habitat's Cars for Homes program will take care of all the details, transferring title, picking up the car and getting the proceeds to your Laramie County Habitat affiliate! 


Call 1-877-277-HFHI (4344) and Habitat's friendly operator will answer any question. 

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Habitat for Humanity of Laramie County

715 E 15th St

Cheyenne, WY 82001

(307) 637-8067

" A house to a family is like soil to a plant.  A plant needs to be rooted. A family is like that.  If a family is not rooted, it will not flourish.  Once a family is well rooted, all kinds of wonderful things will begin to happen."

- Habitat Founder, Millard Fuller