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Helping neighbors stay safe in their own homes

A home is the single biggest investment most of us will ever

make. It’s the bedrock of the American dream- work hard,

purchase a home, build equity to sustain you through retirement

and have something to pass down to the next generation, so

they can build their lives on the foundation of that equity.


These days, that's too often easier said than done. Low to

moderate-income homeowners need a hand protecting the

value of the homes they've built their lives in.


Habitat Repairs was created to help homeowners in this

situation. Habitat coordinates repairs needed to make a home

safe, secure, and healthy for low-income homeowners, often

elderly and/or disabled. The homeowners repay a portion of the repair cost, on a schedule that is not a burden to their monthly budget. Habitat keeps costs as low as possible, using volunteer labor for projects whenever possible, and by asking for discounts from subcontractors when appropriate.

Your donation to the Habitat Repairs Program directly impacts the lives of low to moderate-income homeowners in Laramie County and projects offer fun and rewarding volunteer opportunities for individuals and small groups. 

To learn more, contact Habitat Repairs Coordinator Daffney Sandoval via email or by calling 307-637-8067.

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Recent Projects

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Mr. H is a disabled Veteran who lives with PTSD and Anxiety. Our repairs program has assisted him with a number of repairs inside his home, but the outside caused him to feel overwhelmed.  He worried about tree limbs falling on neighborhood children and he struggled to get his trash cans to the curb.

Habitat Repairs volunteers from the community and FE Warren Airforce Base came ready to help!  A crew of about 20 volunteers spent the day cutting down dead trees, clearing brush, and removing debris from the property.  Now this Veteran is able to feel a little less stress about his home. 

To volunteer for a future project, contact Daffney at 307-637-8067 or


Gerry purchased his home in 1995 and he and Margaret have lived there since blending their families together 22 years ago. Now wheelchair bound, Gerry has a hard time getting around the home and can no longer access the backyard, where the concrete steps have become detached from the home, causing water to leak into the basement.  Habitat Repairs will replace the old carpeting with flooring to improve his mobility, replace the concrete deck and install a ramp for Gerry.  We'll also replace the damaged dry wall and do some minor electrical repairs.  Finally, when the weather permits, volunteers will help the family with some yard work and fence repair. 

With your help, this veteran family will continue to age in place right where they want to be- in their own home.

Learn more about the family here.

Donate to the cost of their repairs here.

Volunteer to help on this family's project here.

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