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Donate Today!

Wills Road Home Build

Contribute to two brand 

new single family homes 

which will begin building

in Spring 2023!


The Fresh Start Program

Help someone get back on their feet and make a new start on life.





Help your neighbor stay 

safe in their own home.

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Keep Habitat


A donation to Habitat is

far-reaching and long lasting. Every dollar makes a difference!


Habitat embraces a hand-up, not a hand-out model. Founder Millard Fuller wrote, “what the poor needs is not charity, but capital, not case-workers, but co-workers." We believe people thrive when invited to work alongside us as partners. 

What we “give” partner families is our love, our support, and an opportunity for homeownership created together. Our partner family builds alongside us because we want them to have the stability inherent of homeownership. When the house is complete, they purchase it with a zero-interest mortgage and an affordable monthly payment. They start building equity crucial to generational success and breaking the cycle of poverty. Their monthly payments then go right to work, helping finance new homes for years to come. 

The beneficiary of your generosity this year becomes the benefactor to future families.  It's an audacious idea that works.

Let’s say you donate $100 to our building project. We’ll use that to purchase materials, maybe a door, some 2 X 4s, or perhaps the paint for the first room a child can call their own. But that’s not the end of your gift, not even close! 

Your gift continues to circulate within the community and takes on a multiplier effect. The partner family whose home you helped build contributes to the next project with their mortgage payments. This cycle keeps going,  expanding home-ownership opportunities for more families in need of a hand-up, not a hand-out.

We’ll put your donation to work right away, and you can see the home you contributed to built right before your eyes (and maybe with your own hands!), but know that your gift did not end there. Your donation will go on, again and again, in a virtuous cycle of opportunity we build together.


Please consider donating to Habitat for Humanity today. Every dollar makes a difference! 

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