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Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Habitat reaches its goal of raising $40K

to complete its 50th affordable home, and first ever Faith Build project.

Last spring, with fundraisers canceled and face to face meetings no longer possible, we were not sure how we would be able to raise the money we'd need to complete our 2020 project.

Our project had been designated as a Faith Build, eligible for up to $80K in matching funds from our friends at Thrivent Financial. While we had done some fundraising before the pandemic hit, we still had a long way to go. In late May we came up with the idea for NAIL THE CHALLENGE, a virtual campaign that encouraged supporters to send words of encouragement, donate and spread the word about our campaign.

We weren't quite sure what kind of response we'd get but before long, we we're feeling the love, support and generosity of the entire community.

Our church partners filmed virtual blessings and videos of support and rallied their congregations to pray for and support our project with their generosity. Many of the churches even sent out small groups of socially distanced volunteers to build alongside our future homeowner.

Local businesses, like Capital Lumber, DanielMarks and Wyoming Building Supply came up with fundraising ideas. First American Title challenged local realtors to match their generosity and hundreds of individuals donated in amounts small to large to help us make our goal.

Before we knew it, our big goal was getting more and more in reach- until last week when this amazing community made it happen- $40K to be matched by our friends at Thrivent Financial!

Work on the Stephenson Family home continues and will wrap up soon. The Stephensons are eager to have a home of their own. Dad Jaime is especially glad his kids will have a home where they can grow and graduate high school from. The entire family is grateful to everyone who donated, volunteered and cheered them on during the entire campaign!

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