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How Habitat ReStores Support Habitat's Work

Habitat for Humanity isn't like most non-profits out there.

Like all non-profits we ask for donations, write grants, and put on fundraising events to raise the money to fulfill our mission. But we want those donations to have as big an impact as possible, without being diverted to the overhead costs of our organization. That's why we have a ReStore.

The ReStore generates revenue selling donated home improvement materials, furniture, appliances, and other items to the public at affordable prices. The proceeds are used to pay our staff, and to run our organization so that donations can be allocated to our programs, not our overhead.

And that's just a part of what makes the ReStore good for our community. The ReStore offers great prices on items you could find at a big box store, but when you purchase it at the ReStore, your dollars stay right here in Cheyenne. (and between you and me, those big box stores are very generous donors, so a lot of items you'll find here are brand new anyway!).

The ReStore employs people from various workforce development programs, giving folks a chance to learn some marketable skills and helping them achieve the financial stability that comes from putting in a day's work.

Click the link below to learn more about ReStore's and the impact they have nationwide, and plan a visit to your local ReStore , (1721 Ames Ave Cheyenne, WY ) soon, we'd love to see you!


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