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Black Hills Energy Sponsors Habitat's Veterans Build Project

Black Hills Energy helping Habitat for Humanity build affordable housing for a local veteran with an eye towards energy efficient construction.

Habitat for Humanity of Laramie County was honored to receive the support of Black Hills Energy this holiday season, receiving a $10,000 check (in the mail and via Zoom!). The gift is a sponsorship of Habitat's first Veterans Build Project.

The project, kicked off this fall, will transform a blighted property in Cheyenne's Historic South Side neighborhood into a new home for a local veteran to own. Black Hills Energy's generosity will enable to project to incorporate energy efficient materials and features in the future home of Navy Veteran, Thomas Redding.

Alan Stoinski, Black Hills Program Manager, Energy Efficiency and a Veteran himself, hopes the project will help "promote and change the culture around energy efficient building practices."

Stoinski also echoed his colleagues, Laurie Farkas and Gary Hogan, in their enthusiasm to be supporting an effort that will result in home ownership for a local veteran.

"With affordable housing in such high demand nationwide and locally, this project is especially important to us" Said Hogan, adding "Veterans often face challenges in purchasing homes. Helping Veterans like Mr. Redding achieve the dream of home-ownership is a great fit for Black Hills Energy to support ."

Future Homeowner, Thomas Redding at the site of his future home. The blighted structures have been demolished and a new home will be built in 2021.

Habitat for Humanity Director, Kate Wright, says the donation will give the home plenty of energy efficient features that will keep utility costs low for the future homeowner, while reducing the environmental impact . "Black Hills Energy's generosity fits so well with Habitat's vision of building affordable homes and being thoughtful of the environmental impact we create in the process."

Black Hills Energy's, Laurie Farkas looks forward to the end of Covid precautions when BHE team members can help with the construction of the home. Habitat's Jen Solis shares her enthusiasm, noting that BHE volunteers are always great to build with, mindful of safety, and enthusiastic to help.

You can learn more about Habitat's first Veterans Build here, Habitat hopes to make the program a permanent part of its annual build schedule. Your support of the effort can make that happen.

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