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Yovanna & Ossiel- Thankful for Time Together At Home

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

“Our dream was always to become homeowners,” said 2017 Habitat Partner, Yovanna recently. Yovanna and her husband, Ossiel were told they needed to come up with 20% to put down if they were to qualify for a conventional mortgage. They knew that was a lot of money, but were determined to make their dream come true.

So they both worked and worked- saving their money as they watched home prices continue to rise, increasing the amount they'd need to meet their goal.

“We barely saw each other” Yovvana recalled of this time. When Ossiel would get home from work, Yovanna would live for her shifts. "Both of us worked 7 days a week."While someone was always caring for the kids, spending time all together was impossible. “It was hard on everybody,” she said, Ossiel nodding in agreement.

Yovanna and Ossiel didn’t know much about Habitat for Humanity, but a friend and co-worker encouraged Yovanna to apply and they were selected as Habitat 2017 Partner Family

That summer, alongside hundreds of volunteers, the couple built the place their family now calls home.

With a mortgage payment they can afford, the family no longer has to work so many hours and they're enjoying more time together as a family.

The extra family time has benefited the kids, who enjoy their parents picking them up from school and planning family adventures together.

This stability has helped Yovanna and Ossiel grow as well. Ossiel, who worked in construction during the time their home was built, has since started his own business, installing and maintaining gutters and siding. As his business has grown, so has his ability to provide for his family, and more importantly, he has more time to spend with his wife and kids.

In 2019, Yovanna accepted an invitation to join the Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors. “It gives me a deeper understanding of everything that goes into these projects, from the donors to the volunteers and the businesses that support the families who will own the home.” Having a Habitat Homeowner serving on the Board offers a much-needed perspective and makes the organization stronger.

Habitat supporters make stories like Yovanna & Ossiel's possible. Your generosity gives families the opportunity to build bright futures and is a long-term investment in our community.

This season, consider giving the gift of strength, stability, and self-reliance to families in Cheyenne. With your support, Habitat will help more families find the stories they're thankful for.

Watch Yovanna and Ossiel talk about their experience with Habitat

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