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Your Donation Won't Stop Giving

A donation to Habitat for Humanity of Laramie County is far-reaching and long-lasting.

Habitat embraces a hand-up, not a hand-out model. Founder, Millard Fuller, wrote “what the poor need is not charity, but capital, not case-workers, but co-workers.”We believe people thrive when invited to work alongside us as partners.

What we "give” partner families is our love, our support, and an opportunity for home-ownership created together. Our partner family builds alongside us because we want them to have the stability inherent of home-ownership. When the house is complete, they purchase it with a zero-interest mortgage and an affordable monthly payment. They start building equity, breaking the cycle of poverty, and building foundation for generational success. Partner family's mortgage payments then go right to work, creating homes for new partners families that follow.

The beneficiary of your generosity this year becomes the benefactor to future families. Its an audacious idea that works.

Let’s say you donate $100 (feel free to do that here). We’ll use your gift to purchase materials, maybe a door, some 2 X 4's, or perhaps the paint for the first room a child can call their own. But that’s not the end of your gift, not even close!

Your generosity continues to circulate within the community and takes on a multiplier effect. The partner family whose home you helped build contributes to the next project with their mortgage payments. This cycle keeps going,  expanding home-ownership opportunities for more families in need of a hand-up, not a hand-out.

We’ll put your donation to work right away, and you can see the home you contributed to built right before your eyes (and maybe with your own hands!), but know that your gift did not end there. Your donation will go on, again and again, in a virtuous cycle of opportunity we build together.

Please consider donating to Habitat for Humanity today, every dollar makes a difference!

Or, you can mail your donation to:


Would you like to designate your gift to a specific project?

In 2020 we're renovating a home on Cheyenne's South side to create a home-ownership opportunity for a local veteran.

Your donation will help us eliminate a blighted property, improve a local neighborhood, and build strength and stability for someone who has faithfully served our nation. DONATE TO OUR VETERANS BUILD

Our 50th new affordable home is also our first FAITH BUILD. Thanks to a matching grant from Thrivent Financial, donations from Cheyenne's faith community will be DOUBLED! If you are a member of a Cheyenne Christian church, help us reach our goal with a gift today, your impact will be doubled as we come together in fellowship to show God's love in action alongside the Stephenson family! DONATE TO OUR FAITH BUILD MATCHING GRANT

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