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When the World Needs a Hero.....

In strange times like these when we can’t begin to imagine what could be coming next (at least the murder hornets seemed to have given us a pass), The world cries out for a hero.

Fortunately when things go bonkers it gives a hero a chance to rise, and heroes always rise when we need them to....

Our Habitat Hero saw the devastation of canceled fundraisers, the despair of fewer volunteers able to build, the despondency of yet another Zoom meeting and could not sit idly by. To the rescue he came with his hammer of (sweat) equity, his hard hat of helpfulness, and his enormous calves of caring for his neighbor!

But first, he needed a cold one, so off to DanielMarks he went!


When COVID-19 forced us to cancel their entire fundraising season, it was a big hit. With two projects planned for the year, all of us on the Habitat team worried how we'd raise the money to get through the build season. (Donate here if you'd like to help!)

Daniel & Kim and Beth & Paul, owners of DanielMarks and Habitat supporters, were eager to help, offering to brew a special seasonal beer and donate a portion of the proceeds from crowler sales as a fundraiser. Habitat partners, Thrivent Financial offered to match the donations as a part of their Faith Build Generosity Challenge.

DanielMark's Head Brewer, Ryan Wilson created a seasonal Habitat Hero Hazy IPA for the occasion. In a hazy IPA, hops are added late in the boil and again unusually early during fermentation, when the beer is still churning in the tank and hops interact with yeast in a way that withdraws maximum fruity-citrus character. The result is a perfectly refreshing summer ale sure to please.

When you purchase crowlers of Habitat Hero Hazy IPA, you become a hero too, because you're helping Habitat #NAILTHECHALLENGE

Habitat Hero Hazy IPA will be available while it lasts during the month of July at

209 E 18th Street

Cheyenne, WY 82001

You can also help Habitat by donating directly to the NAIL THE CHALLENGE campaign. Every donation will be matched dollar for dollar by Thrivent Financial, so there has never been a better time to give.

Click the photo to donate now!

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