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Art Therapy By Vets for Vets

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

When Veterans Administration Mental Health Recreational Therapist, Kristi Ruben, heard about Habitat’s first Veterans Build project, she had an idea. Since the distressed property Habitat purchased would be demolished to build a new home for a local veteran, she wondered if the planks from the old fence could be turned into birdhouses for the VA Expressive Arts Group to paint and decorate.

The Veterans, eager to support a fellow vet and raise a little money for Habitat's project, really outdid themselves creating birdhouses full of color and whimsy.

When Habitat's Jen Solis saw their handiwork she saw it as a perfect opportunity to fulfill another objective of the project- raising awareness of issues affecting Veterans in the community.

"When we ask Veterans, and those who support them, what the most pressing issues are, the number one answer is always- overcoming isolation"said Solis. "Kristi told us about her group at the VA and how they use art therapy to learn coping skills, I knew we had to do something to support the program. I just love what this group is about and want to help get them the supplies they need to keep creating beautiful art pieces like these birdhouses" she added.

So the staff at Habitat put decided to raffle off the birdhouses, selling tickets for $2 each. Winners will be selected on Veterans Day, 11/11 at noon. Birdhouses can be shipped anywhere in the US. Half the proceeds will go to Habitat's Veterans Build Project, while the other half will be donated to the VA account at locally owned craft store Creations Unlimited.

Purchase raffle tickets by following the links below and support two great Veterans Causes. You may also donate directly to the Veterans Build here, or to the fund for art supplies here.

The Yellow Ribbon Birdhouse is the perfect reminder of those who serve and what they sacrifice to keep us safe. We love the squirrel proof tin roof and the patriotic details. Buy raffle tickets for this birdhouse here:

The Beaky Buzzards Birdhouse is cute as a button! The birds in your yard will enjoy a dine in kitchen (or bird bath) on the upper deck of their cozy home. Buy raffle tickets for this beautiful bird house here:

She's a Brick-House! Your backyard birds will delight in this colorful home! You'll love the bright bold colors and the bold brick roof! Buy raffle tickets for this veteran made birdhouse here:

When the birds return next spring, you will be ready to welcome them with this colorful birdhouse! The backside features a warm sunshine, and everything about this birdhouse is friendly and kind! Get your raffle tickets for this charmer here:

We call this one the Colorful Tree birdhouse, and it is lovely. With a beautiful red color and a tree full of rainbow leaves, this birdhouse will be a terrific addition to your back yard bird sanctuary. Get your raffle tickets for this Veteran built treasure here:

The Twins are extra special to us and we think they will be to you too. These two birdhouses were decorated by elderly veterans who live in the VA's Assistated Living Facility. These two charming birdhouse show us that Veterans never quit doing everything they can to help one another. Buy raffle tickets for the Twins here:

The Owl House is a show stopper. Every side of this birdhouse is a delight. The detail, the color, the precision all comes together to make something truly special. Make sure you check out all of the photos of this house, there's a lot to see. Get your tickets for this bird house here:

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