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Stay home an go to church! Keep #cheyennestrong

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

These challenging times call for innovative solutions to maintain the natural need many of us have for fellowship and community. While we must seek distance from each other socially until the crisis passes, we are fortunate to live in an era where technology can accommodate a different type of gathering.

Our 50th affordable home in Cheyenne has also been designated a Faith Build Home, though a partnership between Habitat for Humanity and Thrivent Financial. As part of the initiative, we've been tasked to bring Cheyenne's congregations together to partner on the home we will build alongside the Stephenson Family. Church partners are helping by praying for the project, volunteering to build, preparing meals, and donating.Thrivent has agreed to match all donations (including in-kind ones) up to $80,000 so that we can fully fund the construction of the home.

Because of the project, our Executive Director, Kate Wright, and I, along with our friends from the local and regional Thrivent offices, have had the pleasure to meet dozens of faith leaders in our community. Kate and I have also been able to visit a few congregations for services in the weeks before the crisis. We have encounter so much kindness during this process.

Because they, like businesses across Cheyenne, rely on the community, we thought it could be helpful to provide a list of our local church websites, many of them are offering their programs online through social media channels, while others are providing online learning opportunities.

If you've ever wondered if there could be a congregation in Cheyenne for you, here is an opportunity to sample what many have to offer. Because so many are our Faith Build partners, we can report with confidence that you will find them very welcoming!

This list is by no means complete, we will update it as we learn about more opportunities to gather safely in this way. If your church is not listed, let us know on our Facebook page, via message or post, and we will add it to the list and pass along the info. Same goes if you find a link that needs updating!

Cheyenne is a wonderful community, and we can get through anything together, we're proud to be your neighbor.- The team and Habitat for Humanity of Laramie County

Ascension Lutheran Church-

Prerecorded worship times and music

St. Marys Cathedral-

"The Living Church in a Time of Crisis"- blogpost/ sermon

Cheyenne Brethren Church- Facebook Live at 10:45 AM every Sunday

Cheyenne Church of Christ- Facebook Live at 9 AM every Sunday

Cheyenne Evangelical Free Church- 9 AM on website every Sunday

Cheyenne Hills Church- Podcasts sometimes daily, can be found on facebook/spotify/website

Facebook: , Spotify: search Cheyenne Hills Podcast, Website:

Element Church- Facebook updates and sermons every Sunday at 9AM

First Christian Church- sermons every Sunday, 10AM

First Presbyterian Church- Livestream on website every Sunday starting at 9AM

First United Methodist Church- Livestream every Sunday on Facebook, unsure of times

Holy Trinity Catholic- "Word on Fire" under resources on website.

St. Josephs Catholic Church- Sermons will be live-streamed on Facebook 9 AM in English, 11 AM en espanol

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