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Navy Week- Sailors Build Alongside One of Their Own.

Habitat's summer project is its first Veterans Build and will be the future home of Navy Veteran, Thomas Redding. Like many Veterans, Thomas faced a lot of challenges on the road to homeownership, and for years the dream seemed elusive.

The Habitat Veterans Build Program serves Vets like Thomas, who qualified for a VA-backed mortgage- but could not find a home in his price range that met the qualifications of the program.

This summer, alongside volunteers and supporters grateful for Thomas' service, and his contributions to our community, construction on his future home is underway.

This week, a group of very special volunteers was able to join us to help Thomas build. During Cheyenne Frontier Days, Sailors serving on the USS Cheyenne spend time in our community doing various service projects. One of their good deeds was working on Habitat's project helping Navy Veteran Thomas achieve his dream of home ownership.

We're grateful for the help of these young men and women and thankful for their service to our country!


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