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Habitat Repairs- Helping Neighbors Reclaim their Home as a Sanctuary

The ability for our neighbors to age in place is important to the well being of our community. As folks age, they want to hold on to their independence and enjoy the lives they have cultivated.

Ms. C has owned her charming Cheyenne home for more than 50 years. Like a lot of folks, after she raised her own family, she helped raise grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Now they're older and she's ready for her home to be hers again. A passionate gardener, Ms. C's yard has become overgrown to the point she needs some help. Worse, because she's been so busy with family duties to keep up on the yard, her back fence has been compromised and vagrants have been using her yard for drug activity, making her space unsafe. Habitat Repairs will be fixing that fence, but first, we need to clear out the overgrowth and get Ms. C's yard back in order. When we're done Ms. C can get back to gardening in a yard that is secure, safe, and make her home a place she can enjoy again. You can help! Volunteers are needed to rake, trim, cut and tame the overgrowth. This is the perfect volunteer opportunity for someone who loves to garden or someone who would like to learn about gardening. Ms. C has a lot to teach about being a resourceful, Eco-friendly gardener. Volunteers are needed Saturday July 13th from 9am-12pm. Lunch will be provided. Please contact Pat McIlwain to sign up, or for more information 307-637-8067


Recognizing that advocating for affordable housing must include serving the needs of existing low-income homeowners, Habitat for Humanity of Laramie County created the HABITAT REPAIRS PROGRAM. Homeowners on fixed incomes, struggling to afford the cost of repairs may qualify for assistance. Habitat for Humanity arranges for the repairs, keeping costs low by using volunteer labor and discounted or donated materials and services when possible. Homeowners repay a portion of the cost of their repair with affordable payments, that are then used to complete repairs on more homes.

Habitat Repair Projects often serve low-income elderly or disabled homeowners living on fixed incomes. Repairs seek to make sure our neighbors live in homes that are safe, secure, and adequate for the homeowners physical needs.

Anyone interested in learning more or volunteering for Habitat Repairs should contact Program Coordinator, Pat McIlwain at 307-637-8067 or

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