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Habitat a Designated 2020 Faith Build

Our urgent task is incarnating the Gospel into action while not leaving it unspoken.  Our specialized calling is to demonstrate it rather than to verbalize it.  For us, housing the poor becomes the body language of God’s redemptive love. -From Kingdom  Building, Essays from the Grassroots of Habitat

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​This year's Habitat for Humanity of Laramie County home has been designated as a 2020 Faith Build. Through a matching grant from Thrivent Financial, Habitat has the opportunity to raise the funds needed to complete an affordable home alongside the Stephenson Family.

All donations, including in-kind contributions, will be matched up to $80,000.

Cheyenne's people of faith are coming together to offer prayers and support of the project, which future homeowner, Jamie Stephenson calls a "blessing for his family", including kids Bradley, Cherish, and Jaiden.

Learn more about the project from this video made for Habitat's church partners.

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