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First American Title Supports Home Ownership

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

First American Title knows the joy first time home owners feel because they get to walk first time buyers through the closing process every week. Purchasing a home is a huge part of belonging in a community, and for the team at First American Title, getting to be a part of the Laramie County community is a big deal.

Its why they sponsor so many events, fundraisers, and causes throughout the community. From Junior Little League, to Alzheimer's research and support, First American Title loves to give back. Every month team members pitch in money to wear jeans for a casual office day. The money they raise is given to various organizations throughout Cheyenne. Employees of First American can often be found volunteering in the community as part of the #FirstAMCares program.

As Contractor Level Sponsors of Habitat's 50th Affordable Home in Cheyenne, First American Title donated $5,000 towards the construction of the Stephenson Home on Sonata Lane. They'll also be handling the closing documents when Jaime Stephenson signs the final contracts on the home he's putting hundreds of hours of sweat equity into this summer.

2017 Habitat Partner, Audrey Apodaca At her Closing

For Habitat homeowners, signing papers to officially purchase their homes is the end of long journey. By then, they've spent hundreds of hours building alongside volunteers from every corner of the community. They've seen and felt the love and support from neighbors wanting them to experience the American dream and all of the strength, stability, and self-reliance inherent of home ownership.

First American Title is proud to be a part of this emotional day for our families.

"All of this does my heart good" said Paula Poythress, Southern Wyoming Area Manager, Director. "Our communities are what we make it and we all love Cheyenne! Our office has some of the most dedicated people and they take great pride in being a part of the home buying and selling process. Through First American's FirstAmCares initiative it is so important that we all volunteer as much as we possibly can." she added.

Habitat home owners aren't given homes. They purchase them with an affordable mortgage and their own labor in building the home. Payments are affordable because there is no interest on the loan, and because costs are kept low by building with volunteers and business sponsors like First American Title, who understand how important home ownership is to the local economy and social strength of our community.

2019 Partner Family, The Durans, at their closing

As homeowners pay their monthly payments, those funds get reinvested into the next project, and the next over the course of the loan. Its truly a hand-up model where we support a homeowner who then helps those who come after them.

First American Title didn't stop with their large financial gift, they wanted to build! So on Saturday June 13, they joined Jaime Stephenson to help out. They got a lot accomplished, getting the house wrapped to protect it from moisture before the siding goes up. They enjoyed a lunch from our friends at First Presbyterian Church.

The team will meet Jaime and his family again when the house is done and they get the keys to their very first home. They can't wait, and neither can we!

The team from First American Title with Jaime and Jaiden Stphenson (the youngest of the family's 3 kids)

First American Title has gone above and beyond in support of our 2020 project and we can't thank them enough. Now, they're challenging other title companies, realtors, and lenders to help Habitat #NAILTHECHALLENGE. With spring fundraisers canceled from the pandemic, our Friends at Thrivent Financial are matching donations up to $80,000. First American Title challenges those in the real estate sector of Cheyenne to support the cause! Here is their #NAILTHECHALLENGE video. You can donate here or by mailing a check to PO Box 2809/Cheyenne, WY 82003

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