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COMING SOON! A Bigger, Better ReStore!

Cheyenne is about to get a lot more square footage of discounted home improvement materials!

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore has become a staple for bargain hunters, treasure hunters, and DIY'ers. Selling home improvement materials, furniture, and unique items at deeply discounted prices- the ReStore helps make the cost of home repair affordable to our neighbors while diverting tons of materials from our local landfills. Sales revenue from the store support Habitat's mission by generating the revenue for the organization's overhead expenses. This revenue source means that donations to the organization can go directly towards building and repairing affordable homes.

"Every purchase and every donation helps the mission" said Habitat Director, Kate Wright. "Its the foundation of what we do, because it pays the bills and enables 100% of donations to go straight into our projects. Expanding our operation to a larger building will keep Habitat growing and ultimately result in more working families achieving the dream of homeownership" she added.

The new facility, located at 715 E 15th Street (one block south of Lincolnway directly behind Baskin Robbins Ice Cream) will offer shoppers more space to browse a wider selection of items, better parking, and a more convenient area for dropping off donations and picking up purchases.

The new facility also features a dedicated workshop area for the construction staff and volunteers to work on projects when the weather outside is too cold or windy. This area will also enable Habitat to offer DIY programs and workshops for volunteers.

The new facility is currently being remodeled and the Habitat staff will be setting up the new store in the weeks to come.

The current ReStore location (1721 Ames Ave) remains open to the public as we get the new building ready. During this transition period- the existing store will be open Thursday-Saturday 9 am- 5:30 pm. The public is encouraged to come down for great deals as we wind down the operations at the Ames Ave location.

Shoppers can also find great deals on the online store as we make the transition to the new location.

Plans for a donation drive to stock the new store will be announced soon. Until then, donation at the Ames Ave location will be limited. Please call 307-637-8067 for the most current donation information.

The staff and the board of Habitat for Humanity wishes to thank the entire community for the tremendous support we receive from ReStore shoppers and volunteers. Because of you- the ReStore will be bigger and better than ever and will continue to serve our community for years to come! THANK YOU!

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