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Audrey- Thankful for the Strength to Meet Her Family's Goals

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Audrey is grateful for the ways Habitat Home-ownership has pushed her boundaries and reach goals she did not think were possible. “I did not think building a home was something I was ever capable of doing” She said recently. “But then you’re doing it and you realize you can do these things.”

Since being selected as one of Habitat’s four 2018 Partner families, setting and achieving new goals has been the name of the game for Audrey and her daughter. “She graduates from high school in the spring, and she has just blossomed into this wonderful young woman who is not afraid of anything” she said with a smile. “The stability of having this home, has made so many things possible for us.”

Audrey especially appreciates the memories she and her family make won’t have to be left behind by having to move if a landlord were to raise the rent or sell the property, something she experienced often as a renter.

When Audrey’s home was under construction, extended family came to help build. They wrote encouraging messages on the studs of the home. “Those memories are here in this home and we won’t have to leave them because this is ours.” She said.

“I am just so glad my daughter get to experience this stability. Its given her opportunities that just weren’t available to me at her age.”

Habitat homeownership gives families stability to create generational success. Children of homeowners are 116% more likely to seek higher education after high school and go on to good paying jobs and homeownership opportunities of their own.

Habitat supporters make stories like Audrey's possible. Your generosity gives families the opportunity to build bright futures and is a long term investment in our community.

This season, consider giving the gift of strength, stability, and self-reliance for families in Cheyenne. With your support, Habitat will help more families find the stories they're thankful for.

Watch Audrey talk about her experience as a Habitat Homeowner Partner below.

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