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Our affiliate's 50th affordable house is our first FAITH BUILD HOUSE.  In 2019 we secured a grant from Thrivent Financial to have up to $80K in donations (both cash and in-kind) matched.  Before the pandemic- we raised $24K- much of that thanks to in-kind gifts from 911 Roofing, Moore Insulation, Custom Home Painters, and All-Around Plumbing. The plan was to spend all spring raising cash donations from local church partners. Then things got complicated and going to church was no longer an option. (and churches were suddenly strapped for cash since they were trying to help so many with immediate needs cause by the pandemic).

In June, we launched #NAILTHECHALLENGE- a virtual campaign to raise money for the build.  To date the campaign has raised over $24K with a goal of $40K.  


The home is being built alongside the STEPHENSON FAMILY.  Dad Jaime has already logged a lot of sweat equity.  He is a single father of three who has worked very hard to get his life on the right path for the sake of his kids.  The kids are excited to make friends in the neighborhood, to not have to switch schools anymore and to see their dad not have to struggle so much.  

This is a FAITH BUILD-  Church partners are helping with prayers, volunteers, fundraising.  Jaime considers himself a man of faith- relatively new to it.  He says God has provided this opportunity to his family based on the "prayers of a lot of people". He attends Element Church.

All donations to this campaign are DOUBLED by Thrivent- and that makes a donation to this project a great investment. 

BIG (CASH) DONORS TO THIS PROJECT- In Kind Donors mentioned above.

Element Church- $5K

St Paul's Lutheran $2K

First American Title-5K (this donation wasn't matched because it was a corporate donation)

Cheyenne Board of Realtors/MLS- 5K (since this donation is from its members, it is a matched gift)

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