When we were awarded the Faith Build Grant we suddenly had an abundance problem.  We had been in discussions with all eight local credit unions about doing a HOUSE THAT CREDIT UNIONS BUILT.  Since we could not combine corporate sponsorships with Thrivent's gift, we needed a second project.  We felt this was the perfect opportunity to do a Veterans Build Home (rules dictate that a Veteran specific build can be done in if there is also a home that is open to anyone). Corey from Lynn Buys Houses sold us a blighted lot on E 7th Street at a steep discount and the credit union sponsorships covered the cost to purchase it.  A structural engineer reported that tearing down and building a new home would be the best option.  The demo cost was not something we expected- but it must be done right due to the age of the house.  

We paused any action on the project during the pandemic, to focus on keeping the ReStore afloat and progress on the Faith Build going.  By July we hoped to be ready to shift gears to the Veterans build, and here we are.  On July 15- we kicked off fundraising with the WyoGives day of giving raising $8100 (more has come in since).  

There is already a lot of enthusiasm and goodwill for this project and it should be a prime opportunity for fundraising.  We'd like to focus initially on business sponsorships- and are offering levels that should attainable to businesses of all sizes.  (sponsorship package PDF coming soon and will be posted here) .


We're improving a charming neighborhood.  Our property is located in the Historic South Side Neighborhood.  7th Street is full of 1920s craftsman style homes.  Our home will honor that tradition.

A Veteran will achieve the dream of homeownership.  

We will use the project as a way to highlight veterans housing (and other) issues, and to bring people together to show respect and love to someone who has served us all.  

We are fighting the blight.  This expression may be too political at this point- but we are eliminating a hazardous and sad eye sore, replacing it with something very positive. 

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" A house to a family is like soil to a plant.  A plant needs to be rooted. A family is like that.  If a family is not rooted, it will not flourish.  Once a family is well rooted, all kinds of wonderful things will begin to happen."

- Habitat Founder, Millard Fuller