Faith Build 2020

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Your donation is doubled.

there has never been a better time to give.

This year, we're building our 50th affordable home alongside the Stephenson Family.


Dad Jaime says partnering with

Habitat is "the answer to a lot

of prayers" which is great because the project is also our first-ever FAITH BUILD.

As a part of the Faith Build designation, Thrivent Financial's Generosity Challenge gives us the opportunity to double the impact of our supporters. 

Thrivent will cover up to half the cost of the home's construction, which means there has never been a better time to give.

Your gift builds strength, stability, and self-reliance for families in Cheyenne

We'll be working alongside people of faith to build a home for the Stephenson Family.

It gives us all a chance to show God's love in action, and to have the impact of our generosity DOUBLED!


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Our urgent task is incarnating the Gospel into action while not leaving it unspoken.  Our specialized calling is to demonstrate it rather than to verbalize it.  For us, housing the poor becomes the body language of God’s redemptive love.

-From Kingdom  Building, Essays from the Grassroots of Habitat

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" A house to a family is like soil to a plant.  A plant needs to be rooted. A family is like that.  If a family is not rooted, it will not flourish.  Once a family is well rooted, all kinds of wonderful things will begin to happen."

- Habitat Founder, Millard Fuller