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Faith Build 2020

Our urgent task is incarnating the Gospel into action while not leaving it unspoken.  Our specialized calling is to demonstrate it rather than to verbalize it.  For us, housing the poor becomes the body language of God’s redemptive love.

-From Kingdom  Building, Essays from the Grassroots of Habitat

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When we act in response to human need, giving what we

have without seeking profit, we believe God magnifies the

effects of our efforts; this perspective is known as "the

economics of Jesus." The donated labor of volunteers, the

support of partner organizations, and the "sweat equity" of

our Partner Families make Habitat's house building possible.

Its also why Habitat offers a mortgage with zero interest to

our partner families, making the dream of home-ownership a

reality without the burden of high monthly payments. We do

so as an extension of God's love in the hopes that their lives

will continue to be blessed in His name.

And the Good News doesn't end there. As our partner

families become homeowners, their mortgage payments are

used towards the construction of additional affordable homes.

This year's beneficiary of a community's love and generosity

becomes a benefactor for the homeowners that follow.

In this way, Habitat for Humanity has followed Christian principles to bring people together to build homes, community, and HOPE.

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Your donation is doubled.

Every dollar we raise up to $80,000 will be matched by Thrivent Financial. 

Your donation, in any amount, make a big impact and helps us meet our goal!